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Eyelash extensions


The lash extensions are weightless, comfortable and waterproof. Treatment time can vary from 2 to 3 hours depending on the look you require. We provide everything from a natural look to a more glamorous evening look; flecks of colours can also be applied if you have a special occasion such as wedding, prom, ball or a special night out and want to tie in the colours of your outfit with the colour of your lashes. (These coloured lashes can be removed after the occasion and the rest of the lashes can be kept on).

Eyelash extensions are the latest beauty must have trend to hit Hollywood. Extend and thicken your lashes on a semi-permanent basis using this innovative method.


To ensure Nouveau Lashes are long lasting and stay beautiful, proper care and maintenance are required.

• For the first 2 hours after Nouveau Lashes treatment do not allow water to contact lashes.

• For 2 days after Nouveau lashes treatment do not steam face, use steam bath, swim or wash face in hot water.

• Do not use waterproof mascara or mascara remover on Nouveau Lashes, as make-up remover will affect the bonding of the lash.

• Only use water based mascara on Nouveau Lashes tip.

• Do not perm Nouveau Lashes.

• Do not use a lash curler, as it will break both the Nouveau Lashes and the natural lashes.

• Do not rub eyes or Nouveau Lashes when washing face. Always pat dry the lashes after cleansing. An occasional short visit to the sauna room is fine, however on a daily basis may cause earlier maintenance as the lashes could prematurely fall off or tilt in different direction from your natural lash.


Due to life cycle of a lash being around 90 days, we recommend that a maintenance appointment should be every 2-3 weeks to ensure maximum fullness.


Are you suitable to have Nouveau Lash Extensions?

Not everybody is suitable for Nouveau Lash Extensions, please see below:

Conjunctivitis: Please wait until at least 28 days after the conjunctivitis has cleared, before making an appointment.

Dry Eye Syndrome: Unfortunately if you suffer with sever dry eye syndrome you are not suitable for Nouveau Lash Extension

Herpes Simplex: If you are suffering with a breakout, we cannot carry out Nouveau Lash Extension, please wait until it has fully cleared.

Eye Infections: Please wait until the infection is fully cleared before booking an appointment.

Psoriasis: Unfortunately if you suffer with Psoriasis you are not suitable for Nouveau Lash Extension.

Trichotillomania: Unfortunately if you suffer with Trichotillomania you are not suitable for Nouveau Lash Extension

Pregnant ladies or nursing mother: We strongly recommend that no treatment be undertaken on pregnant or nursing mothers.

Please advise the technician of any known medical condition or allergies.


“I have defined eyes and glamorous eyelashes from the second I wake-up. I now feel more confident and get lots of comments!”

Linda, Derby

“A fabulous and comfortable new look, that makes my eyes sparkle and come to life and I don't have to make an effort in the morning”

Kate Bowyer

“I am completely & utterly in love with my eyelash extensions!! They look completely natural but glamourous at the same time!! I have had so many compliments from both women and men who can't believe how wonderful they look and I don't even need to use mascara anymore!! Thank you so much!!”

Wendy, Twyford


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